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Sponsor a Child - Derrick Pedranti and Charity

World Vision, a favorite charity of Derrick Pedranti, offers child sponsorships as a way to assist needy kids around the globe. World Vision sponsorships help provide children food, clean water, medicine, hygiene and schooling. These programs empower children to become healthy, educated and self-sufficient which ultimately improves the future of their communities. By sponsoring a child you can make a big difference in helping to end worldwide poverty and needless suffering.

My family and I currently sponsor two children — one in Africa and the other in India. World Vision offers a neat opportunity for you to communicate with your sponsored children through mail and e-mail. Recently my daughter and I sent e-mails to our sponsored children. We also receive personal letters from them. What a great way to teach your kids the value of reaching out to others across the world.

For only about one dollar per day, you can help provide needy kids with access to:

  • Food and clean water
  • Schooling
  • Medicine and healthcare

Please consider sponsoring a child through World Vision. I believe you will find it a worthwhile and rewarding cause.

Derrick Pedranti

Sponsor a Child