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The Dream Center is based out of Los Angeles, Califorina. It cares for a variety of local subcultures including drug users, gang members, unmarried parents, orphans, spray-paint taggers, and AIDS patients.

The Dream Center provides food and essential supplies to the homeless on skid row as well as those living out of motels. The church houses about five hundred individuals and provides any needed rehabilitation. Additionally they offer weekly church services.

Since it’s founding, crime in the surrounding areas has dropped dramatically.  Murder, gang-related violence, prostitution, and rape have all gone down significantly. Due to their success there are now more than 100 individual Dream Centers across the nation and abroad.

I have had the opportunity to contribute my time at The Dream Center by helping distribute needed food and supplies to people living in motels.  During my experience I was able to connect with others living outside my community in a positive way. It was an life-altering experience I will never forget. Please consider giving your time or resources to this worthy cause.

Derrick Pedranti

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